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I've packed a few snippets of information into this 'about' page to hopefully give as much information as I can about how I work, including a brief explanation about what documentary photography is and how it can look and how I also actually like to create lovely fun family group pictures as well.

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What does it mean?

It can be anything that's not staged or a moment between people that shows an emotion or an expression that is real and unposed.

Basically, photography in a documentary style is about capturing what is actually happening. It's authentic and wonderfully revealing. This image is one of my all time favourite wedding photographs. It's a beautiful moment between the couple and with the father of the bride looking on full of thought and the family hanging on every word. The emotion on their faces in this picture is real because in that moment they had forgotten that I was there and my mission is to keep that authenticity of the moment in the image. My job is to anticipate what is about to happen instead of trying to direct or stage anything. Only then is it truly documentary.

Here are a few other examples of exactly what I mean.


Ok, so having said all that about the importance of un-staged candid photography, I accept that although most people say they want natural photographs, they may well be disappointed if they don't get a few slightly more formal pictures of their family and friends. That's fine by me, however, I promise I won't take ages setting them up and bossing people around. Instead your group photos will be fun and interactive and as relaxed as possible. It doesn't have to be tedious and long winded but it can be a real opportunity to make creative fun pictures for just a couple of people or even the whole guest list. They will be done before you know it so that I can carry on mingling and capturing what's really going on. Here are a few other examples of group pictures.


When you have received your photographs I would love to work with you to design and build a beautiful wedding album. I only use the finest quality products from carefully selected suppliers.

Here are a few examples of album pages that have been designed for clients.