Street Photography

Hello everyone. Having never written a blog before, and as someone who has never been very active on social media, I am going to find this a real challenge but I'm going to throw myself into it anyway and just do it. Ok, so, in the absence of any weddings or social events to photograph, I've taken my camera out into the street to take pictures of ordinary people going about their business. I never know whether to just go up to someone and point the camera at them or whether to do it subtly without them being aware. At first it's really daunting, do I risk getting a mouthful of abuse or worse or just wing it. So I've been winging it with a few subtle ones thrown in and people just don't say anything and I'm still in one piece. I'm growing in confidence and just pointing it in all directions as if I'm allowed to do whatever I like and so far so good. Although at the moment during lockdown there's not many people about but recently I was out and about locally and in Central London. I've been on buses, trains and tubes and it's brilliant for capturing people being real. So hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to get out there again and get amongst it and see what happens. Check out the Real Life page on this website to see some examples. Speak soon